I am delighted to be amongst the 24 international artists featured in BEYOND ILLUSTRATION: The Finest in Contemporary International Art & Illustration, edited by Patrick Hartl and Yvonne Winkler of castlemagazine and published by Publikat. It is wonderful to see one's work presented in such detail and excellent company. Many thanks to Patrick and Yvonne, it was a pleasure.

People in the US may purchase this book on amazon, while anyone in Europe may also purchase it on Stylefile.

I have just moved back to New England (Boston area), please take note of my updated postal address and cell phone number.

Antoine Revoy's work is featured in »Freistil Black: Best of European Commercial Illustration 4«, the fourth issue of the illustration bi-annual published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. This edition is exclusively dedicated to works in black and white.

I have just completed several illustrations for the April issue of KulturSPIEGEL, a supplement of german magazine DER SPIEGEL.

We are pleased to announce the launching of, the transatlantic home of my collaborative work with illustrator and animator Kelly Murphy. Please do drop by!

I am happy to be featured on Drawn!, a collaborative blog on everything from illustration to animation (included on Time Magazine’s list of the 50 Coolest Websites of 2006).

My work (illusration n° 24) is featured in the newly released Freistil 3 - Best of European Commercial Illustration, published by Schmidt Hermann Verlag.

Added a few of my latest illustrations (23 + 24).

I am currently working as an interaction and graphic designer for a Paris consulting firm named KMB Partners and BNP Paribas, the largest banking group in France.

26.08.06 - Site version 1.2
The japanese version of this site is now available, with translations for individual projects coming soon.

This site is now available in french and a japanese version is soon to follow.

Two new paintings are displayed in the illustration section and, as well as on the previous news link below, my demo reel is now available in the animation section.

31.07.06 - Site version 1.1
QuickTime movie clips are now available for all animations. You may also view Antoine Revoy's reel here (32,3MB), compiled as a short two minute demo.

The animation / motion section will soon feature movie clips of several projects and is currently presenting storyboards for the relevant animations.

Many thanks to Kelly Murphy and the directors of Kaiju Studios for their design assistance and allowing me to make use of their studios' equipment!